December 2013 Luncheon

Jean-Luc Ambrosi

Jean-Luc Ambrosi
“The key elements that truly impact a brand’s success”

Date: Friday 6th December 2013
Time: 12:30 pm for 12:40 pm
Venue: Kelvin Club in Melbourne Place

Jean-Luc Ambrosi (BA Psychology, MA Marketing) is an award winning marketer  who has built successful brands in the Australian and international financial landscape. Having worked for both communication agencies and prominent brands (NAB, BlackRock, ME Bank, Vanguard), he has forged a reputation of delivering exceptional results.  His background in psychology has laid the foundation to understand what drives consumers, how to communicate with them and how they fundamentally relate to brands.

Jean-Luc will not only be discussing how to approach branding holistically throughout organisations and emphasise the key elements that truly impact a brand’s success but will also be launching his long anticipated book Branding to Differ .

Jean-Luc is sought after for his approachable, Gallic style as well as his breadth of experience. It is therefore not only a coup for the Collins Club to host Jean-Luc as our December speaker but also to be launching his book Branding to Differ. This is a lunch not to be missed.