May 2013 Luncheon

Louise Connor

Louise Connor
Implications of Legislation and Subpoenas on a Free Press

Date: Friday 3rd May 2013
Time: 12:30pm
Venue: Kelvin Club in Melbourne Place

Louise Connor understands the serious issues currently facing journalists today from the attempts by the Federal Government to curtail the reporting powers of the media through a politically appointed ombudsman to the need for safe harbour regulations to protect the confidential sources of journalists.

Louise became a member of the Australian Journalists’ Association (AJA) in 1984 and in 1986 became the AJA’s country and freelance organiser, then a national industrial officer. When 3 unions merged to form the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance in 1992 she became joint Victoria branch secretary of that union.

In 1994 she began working for the ACTU. She returned to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance in late 2004 as its Victorian branch secretary and became a member of the Federal Executive and Federal Council.

She has negotiated collective agreements with state and national employers, lobbied politicians for better arts funding and improved media laws.

She was appointed by the Victorian government to its review of Children’s Employment Laws; their Body Image Working Party (to develop voluntary guidelines for advertising and the media) and the Law Coun- cil’s review of CCTV cameras and how their use could be better regulated in Victoria.

Recently she participated in a working party to review the constitution of the International Federation of Journalists and is a member of the Victorian Film and TV Working Party, the industry body that lobbies for government support for the sector.