May 2015 Luncheon

Vanita Dahia

Vanita Dahia: Integrative Medicine Health Practitioner

“Person Centric Pharmacy: closing the gap in the delivery of health services ”

Date:        Friday 8 May 2015
Time:        12:30 pm to 12:40 pm
Venue:     The Kelvin Club 14-30 Melbourne Place

Vanita is a practising Pharmacist and an entrepreneur with many years of experience in Pharmacy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Mental Health and Anti-Ageing medicine. Her interest in medicine started in Cape Town where the locals make their own “remicals” [Afrikaans]. After relocating to Melbourne, Vanita pioneered compounding through a pharmacy business she owned for about 20 years.

Currently a Director of Functional Pathology Academy and owner of Empowered Health, a natural medicine clinic, Vanita is passionate about integrative medicine. She lectures and presents across public and professional forums on topics such as Anti-Ageing Medicine, Compounding Pharmacy and Functional Pathology.

Our healthcare model is largely driven by the Government purse and inflammatory statistics on conditions such as Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and our ageing population. Against this backdrop patients are faced with a plethora of health information and advances in technology that necessitate a diversity of skills and expertise on the part of healthcare providers. With her considerable insight, Vanita will enlighten us on the changing face of pharmacy practice, often the first point of contact for patients, at an interesting time when the Health Sector is a leading light in Victoria’s economy.