October 2014 Luncheon

Franklin Rosenfeldt

Prof. Franklin Rosenfeldt
Alfred Hospital & Monash University

Towards a New Method to Preserve Donor Hearts for Human Heart Transplantation Following Donation After Cardiovascular Death, and Keeping Your Own Heart Healthy

Date: Friday 3 October 2014
Venue: The Kelvin Club 14–30 Melbourne Place
Time: 12:30 pm for 12:40 pm

An expert in research in Cardiac Surgery and Organ Transplantation, Prof. Rosenfeldt has been involved in Cardiac Surgery at the Alfred since 1978 and in the hospital’s heart and lung transplant programme since it began in 1989. He developed many of the techniques of preservation of the donor heart currently in use at the Alfred Hospital and throughout Australia. Having published over 160 papers in refereed journals and 16 book chapters, he is a pioneer and world expert in the application of hypothermia in myocardial preservation. He was closely involved in the laboratory research leading to the initiation of the Donation After Cardiac Death lung transplantation programme at the Alfred, the first of its kind in Australia and that still leads the world in this field.

Recently, he has developed improved techniques of donor heart preservation using continuous cold perfusion with a preservative fluid and regularly presents this pioneering work at international transplant meetings. He recently founded a commercial company that received a $1.5m grant to develop and commercialise a new device to resuscitate and preserve donor hearts and transport them safely over long distances. This device has the potential to greatly increase the number of donor hearts available for transplantation and to reduce waiting time and waiting list mortality for transplant patients.